Thai spa & Massage

Thai Spa

This term stands for our special spoiling program on Thai kind. Herbal and aroma full body wraps, herbal steam massages and traditional Thai massages are offered to the cleaning, decontamination and blood circulation of the skin as well as to the relaxation. An especially sensuous experience.


Thai Massage

Includes the entire body. A Massage begins at the feet, followed from legs, belly, sides, arms, backs, head and face. A full treatment lasts for more than an hour, but also shorter treatments can be very effective. Thai Massage covers four positions: Dorsal position, side, prone and sitting position. The main part of the treatment is implemented in the dorsal position with special consideration of the legs. Through extensive movement of the legs and work on the energy paths at the legs, a very beneficial effect occurs on people with lower back problems in the area. Beside the fact many treated ones feel that the Massage improves neck stiffness, tension headache, migraine discomfort and a whole number of other problems. The stretch movements increase the flexibility and release from tensions in the body. The work on the energy paths causes an energetic "tune-up" which should stimulate the immune system. The mind feels rejuvenated; the feelings are peaceful and balanced.


Samun Prai

 Substantial components of the traditional Thai medicine are their typical applications of herbs. They are known in general as Thai Herbal treatment or Thai Herbal SPA. A special method of the ancient Thai herbal medicine is the so-called "LUK PRAKHOP SAMUN PRAI," or briefly "SAMUN PRAI." For this high art of the herbal application are used according to purpose up to 15 different remedial plants and ingredients. With the chopped up components steady, fist-size little herbal bags are formed. These are also called herbal stamp or thermo balls. Depending upon indication their composition varies. As an example are called: Plai, lemon grass, Sumatra camphor, Kaffir lime, tamarind etc. Besides, there come sheets, seeds, bowls, roots or also whole fruits either freshly or dried to be applied. Heated up in the vapour-bath, in the context of a complete body treatment accompanying with the Massage gradual individual body segments are gently knocked and/or dabbed. By the warming the contents materials of the remedial plants stream out. They can reach therefore about the open skin pores directly in the warmed up skin. An intensive depth effect on the local skin, muscle and connective tissue is reached by the herbal warmth. SAMUN PRAI promotes thoroughly the removal of scoriae, depositions and toxins. The consequences are rejuvenation, streamlining and cleaning of the skin. The herbal contents materials improve with lasting application furthermore immune status as well as energy and blood circulation. In addition, it comes by the hot herbal steams to an intensive exotic fragrance which is felt as especially solving. With the inhalation of these herbal steams during the treatment an aromatic-therapeutic effect combines at the same time. The art of the LUK PRAKHOP SAMUN PRAI counts in Asia as one of the most effective forms of treatment of traditional health care. As a partial application carried out she shows in connection with spa forms an exceedingly demanding beauty offer.